Primera toma de contacto en WAIXO


Contenta en el día de hoy por ver uno de los primeros estampados impresos en WAIXO.

Waixo es la empresa con la que colaboro, ellos se dedican a la impresión de tejidos a partir de patrones digitales que son exactamente estampados como los que diseño yo.

Ya sabéis, entre otras cosas soy diseñadora de estampados. 

Y bueno, os dejo el enlace del blog donde podéis llenaros de tendencias muy actuales, técnicas de impresión, tejidos, maquinaria, porfolios y demás información sobre el mundo de la moda.


Very happy today because I recived a image with one of my surface designs printed in textil in Waixo company.

Waixo is the company where I colaborate, they work consist in the digital print of pattern designs now exactly my patterns and other designers patterns.

As you know I'm a graphic pattern and surface designer. 

So I leave you with the link of the blog of Waixo where you can find trendy stuff, technics, textil, machines, portfolios and a very nice variety of fashion information.






When I was young i loved to make my own clothes and my mother helped me sometimes to make the dresses i wanted. She didn’t have much time to do it so finally we just made two dresses, first in the winter graduation of my last year in the secondary school and then in the graduation of my last year before go to the University. 


I didn’t study in a fashion school because at the begging i wanted to be a graphic designer, I liked to make a design projects and design logos for companies. But when i got into the world i realized that it wasn’t as creative as i thought and also that was really difficult to get a good job in a design studio.. so i was very interested in art, painting and sculpture It was what made me feel in harmony and full of creative ideas. 


I developed more that 3 artistic projects, but always thinking in human body, thinking in the possibility to wear the art i was making. Trying to make fashion without knowing what i was doing.


So finally I decided myself to make my last university project about fashion, I didn’t have the knowledge to make the fashion patterns and i didn'tknow anything about the fashion industry. So i made an investigation about the graphic part of fashion, because i had many ideas but i did't have a fashion atelier where i could make my ideas. Everything I had being studying was about graphic technics. Graphic editorial design were my studies but I knew everything about the tools so i started to looking for on internet technics and ways to make fashion from the graphic world. I started to develop a silk-screen print project in the graphic atelier of my university and i got my draws in textile after that i made clothes with my mum help.

It was a very nice project to start my adventure in fashion clothes and as fashion designer.

From that moment just a year ago I remember very nice times but very hards ones too, I’ve been very frustrated because I didn’t have the knowledge that i needed to develop my ideas. 

So one day in the postgraduate degree that I made finally in a fashion school to get knowledge for my projects, I meet Sandra, She has studied how to make patterns for fashion and she is my second hand in this moment.
We both are very hard workers and we love our work together so we are working in a new collection and she is helping me a lot in my fashion path. I’m very thankful and positive. She is amazing.